Nova Ion 5 light on supersuositun Ion sarjan uusin kevytversio! Kevytsiivet ovat toki hieman kevyempiä, mutta suurin ero on siiven pakkauskoossa, sekä startti- ja lento-ominaisuuksissa. Startit ovat myös tyynellä superhelpot ja ilmassa siipi on normi versiota hieman elävämpi ja tarkempi.


Ion on vuodesta toiseen intermediate pilottien ehdoton suosikki! Ion sarjalla on lennetty enemmän ennätyksiä kuin millään muulla luokkansa siivellä. Ion 5 on loistava varjoliidin erittäin suurelle lentäjäryhmälle! Se sopii suoraan kurssilta, mutta on myös täydellinen siipi kokeneelle pilotille.


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A lightweight feel-good intermediate with high performance (EN/LTF B)

ION 5 Light – little weight, big performance


The ION 5 Light combines a low weight, with the stunning characteristics of its heavier brother: outstanding glide, precise and agile handling and an exceptional climbing performance. Its light weight and forthcoming launch behaviour make the ION 5 Light an excellent companion both in the air and on the ground.


A light, high-tech wing. Structurally optimised slots in the wing's interior, high-quality lightweight materials and slim risers allowed a weight reduction of 800 g compared to the ION 5.

The canopy construction uses mainly the latest generation of the Porcher Skytex 27 light cloth. The double-sided coating of this cloth provides the same proven UV resistance as current standard cloths that are significantly heavier.


Performance included. On launch the lightweight wing impresses with its good-natured take off behaviour. In flight, the precise and agile handling allows an easy entry into thermals and facilitates an intuitive flying style. The canopy provides clear feedback that is easy to understand, making it a pleasant companion for beginner and experienced pilots alike. The performance in glide across the entire speed-range is well above its predecessor the ION 4. It is the combination of these features that make the ION 5 Light a good choice for long but relaxed cross-country flights.


One wing for all occasions. The ION 5 Light is a glider for all occasions: whether it is a long thermal flight, a hike & fly adventure or simply soaring with friends. The ION 5 Light supports you in achieving your goals whilst giving you the peace of mind of a wing with a high degree of passive safety.

Target Group


The ION 5 Light is suitable for a wide spectrum of pilots. On the one hand, it offers a high degree of passive safety and is therefore suitable for the use in most flying schools. On the other hand, the glider has impressive performance, which makes the ION 5 Light a wing for every occasion: fun to fly but with inspiring climbing capabilities and an agile handling. The wing is suitable for talented beginners as well as experienced pilots with cross-country ambitions. From each ION generation to the next, the demands on the pilot have remained the same. The ION 5 Light stays true to its low-end EN B roots whilst offering the performance of a cross-country machine. 

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