Kokeneelle movapilotille suunnattu Ozone Freeride osuu sopivasti Speedster 2:sen ja Viper 4:sen väliin. Freeride suunniteltiinkin Viperin pohjalta, mutta se tuunattiin isommalle yleisölle sopivaksi.


Freeride on suunniteltu kisaamiseen, sekä muuten vaan dynaamiseen kurvailuun. Se korvaakin pylonikisojen suosikin Slalomin, mutta se käy hyvän suorituskykynsä puolesta pylonin kiertämisen lisäksi hyvin myös muun tyyppiseen lentämiseen ja onkin siten Slalomia monipuolisempi.


Profiili on sama kuin Viperissä, mutta sivusuhdetta on pudotettu 5.8:sta 5.65:een. Lisäksi punoslinjaus muutettiin 4:lle riserille ja alemmat pitkät punokset saivat suojakuoret helpottamaan käsittelyä ennen lentoa ja starteissa. 


Kantohihnoissa on vakiona tarkkaan nopeudensäätöön Ozone PK-system, sekä vaihtoehtoisesti joko 2D tai "Mateos" siivenkärki ohjaus. Nämä eri vaihtoehdot voit itse rikata siiven ostettuasi.


Tästä nyt siis sairaan makee, todella ketterä ja nopea siipi jo vähän kokeneemmalle mova-pilotille!


Flymigulla testattavana koko 23


Tästä Ozonen lisätiedot FREERIDE sivulta www.ozone.com



Hieno FREERIDE kikkailuvideo:








Dynamic Performance

The FREERIDE brings a new level of agility and dynamic handling to the intermediate-advanced class of PPG wings. This exciting new design delivers the legendary speed, precision, and efficiency of the OZONE VIPER series, plus the handling and agility of the OZONE SLALOM. The mission of the FREERIDE is to elevate excitement without compromising comfort and stability, and it features the dependability and ease of use that our intermediate range wings have become known for. Whether you are focused on competitive slalom flying, classic competition, or just carving aggressive lines, the FREERIDE is a fun and efficient high performance wing that delivers the goods. 



We’ve taken the latest technology and best features from the VIPER 4, SLALOM, and SPEEDSTER 2, and adapted it all to a new mission. The result is one of the fastest and most stable PPG wings that we have ever produced. The planform and arc are based on the Viper 4, but with a lower aspect ratio for a more compact and forgiving feel. The OZRP remains unchanged, featuring SharkNose openings and the highest levels of CM+ within the OZONE range. A pure 4-line rigging plan and a new internal structure have been employed to carefully control the angle of attack and increase the chord-wise cohesion of the sail whilst accelerated. The overall effect is an increase in the internal pressure throughout the speed range for a more forgiving behaviour in turbulence, greater resistance to spin at higher angles of attack, and high levels of inherent stability at lower angles of attack. The efficiency of the sail has been optimised with miniribs, 3D shaping, and plastic rods for a clean, wrinkle free leading edge.



The Freeride is a competition wing at its base. It replaces the SLALOM, and sits between the VIPER 4 and SPEEDSTER 2 in the OZONE range. It is designed for experienced and advanced pilots who are seeking a wing with more dynamic characteristics than the SPEEDSTER 2, whilst being less demanding and more accessible than the VIPER 4.


The risers featuring the OZONE PK system and the option to install either the 2D or “Mateos” style Slalom Steering Systems.



Although primarily designed for competitive slalom flying, the FREERIDE is also highly competitive in the “Classic” PPG comp format. Outside of competition, the FREERIDE is ideal for carving aggressive freestyle lines and venturing out for some efficient XC flying. This wing has been a pleasure to develop and test, and has put excited smiles on the faces of our team. It is a cutting edge design that gives experienced PPG pilots a new, efficient, high performance wing that excels at all types of advanced PPG flying.


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