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OZONE KONA2 (B,moottori/vapaa)

OZONE KONA2 (B,moottori/vapaa)

KONA 2 on täydellinen siipi paramoottoripilotille, joka haluaa siiven millä voi lentää yhtälailla myös vapaata ja jolla saa hyvän suorituskyvyn ja hieman enemmän nopeutta ja käsiteltävyyttä kuin mitä Mojo PWR:lla. Kona sopii myös hyvin kokeneelle pilotille joka haluaa siiven, jolla on kiva ja turvallinen lentää. Voit keskittyä maisemiin ja lennosta nautiskeluun, kun tiedät että sinulla on turvallinen EN-B siipi.


Koska KONA perustuu Ozonen vapaalentosiipeen Buzz Z6:ään, se soveltuu myös siis 100%:sti vapaalentoon. Et siis tarvitse erikseen kahta siipeä, vaan tällä samalla luonnistuu molemmat loistavasti.


KONAn kantohihnoissa on trimmerit, jolla saat moottorilennossa lisää nopeutta, mutta vapaata lennettäessä voit sulkea ne ja nauttia tämänhetken parhaasta "easy EN-B" luokan performanssista.


Tästä lisätiedot Ozonen KONA 2 sivulta:








The Kona 2 is the PPG version of the Buzz Z6, sharing the same technology, cutting edge performance, comfort and ease of use. It is the perfect cross over wing that excels whether flown under power or in free-flight.



Aerodynamically, the Kona 2’s profile and sail are very clean, benefiting from many of the performance enhancing design features that have driven our latest generation of performance wings. The Kona 2’s aspect ratio remains the same as the Kona – increasing aspect ratio is a simple method of increasing performance, but can lead to significant compromises in passive safety. This is not something we are willing to do, instead we focus on other areas, notably reducing drag. Although not a full on reflex profile, the Kona 2 features the well proven, solid Shark Nose profile that is very collapse resistant and forgiving in the brake range. The Kona 2 also features double 3D shaping for a cleaner leading edge; a new internal structure for comfort and structural strength along with an optimised line layout to reduce parasitic drag. The Kona 2 is a very modern performance wing offering class leading performance, solidity and high levels of safety.



Above all else, the Kona 2 is easy and comfortable to fly. The handling is intuitive, fun, and agile, with a progressive and precise feel though the brakes. It is highly compact, with perfectly coordinated roll and yaw in the climb. In active air, the feedback from the wing is gentle and predictable; filtering air movements in an understandable way.

Launching is a critical part of each and every flight, and we have paid particular attention to the ground-handling characteristics of the Kona 2. It inflates smoothly, without overshooting in higher winds and in zero wind conditions there is no tendency to hang back.

All of these factors provide you with the confidence to progress and have fun, whether flying under power or in free-flight mode.



The Kona 2 is suitable for a wide range of pilots from talented beginners to the most experienced, it is ideal for those who fly between around 30-50 hours per year and enjoy free flying as much as powered flight. Owning dedicated wings for both disciplines is expensive, the Kona 2 offers the perfect balance in one package.



The Kona PPG risers feature a smooth trim system for comfortable high speed cruising when flying under power and a foot operated accelerator system to reach top speeds and when free flying. The risers also feature tip steering system and adjustable brake pulleys so the height can be set to make it compatible with any type of power unit. 



Video review by Aviator PPG >>


*This wing has passed the criteria required by the DGAC and has been load tested to the EN 926-1 standard. In addition to our own extensive testing, it has also been independently flight tested to the EN 926-2 standard with the trimmers set to the slow position. Releasing the trimmers, or flying outside of the EN certified weight range invalidates any EN flight certification. As delivered, the wing does not conform to the EN 926-2 standard due to the inclusion of the trimmer systems on the risers.



Your OZONE wing is delivered standard with the following accessories:

Inner Bag, Glider Strap, Riser bag, Speed Bar, OZONE Stickers, Repair Cloth, OZONE Keyring.


    3 400,00 €Hinta
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