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Viper 4 on Ozonen mova-kisasiipi Se on tarkoitettu vain kokeneille piloteille, jotka haluavat parhaan mahdollisen suorituskyvyn ja käsiteltävyyden.


Siinä missä Viper 3 oli suunniteltu antamaan parhaan mahdollisen performanssin, on Viper 4 puolestaan suunnattu enemmän ketterään ja dynaamisempaan lentotyyliin.

Kantohihnoissa on vakiona tarkkaan nopeudensäätöön Ozone PK-system, sekä vaihtoehtoisesti joko 2D tai "Mateos" siivenkärki ohjaus. Nämä eri vaihtoehdot voit itse rikata siiven ostettuasi. 


Viper 4:ssa on käytetty osassa siipeä kevytkangasta, jonka Ozone on todennut lukuisissa siivissä tuovan paljon hyviä etuja. Siipi starttaa paremmin sekä ilmassa vastaa ohjausliikkeisiin nopeammin ja antaa parempaa tuntumaa siitä mitä ylhäällä tapahtuu.


Tästä lisätiedot Ozonen Viper 4 Sivulta: 






The Viper 4 is our paramotor competition wing designed for advanced pilots only. The Viper 4 can be used for classic or slalom competition tasks, and is a highly efficient and versatile performance PPG wing. It is an evolution of the V3, with a 3-line design, unsheathed lines, and a new profile. In thermal conditions its behavior is similar to a paragliding wing, with excellent climb and glide performance and with progressive and intuitive handling that transmits moderate feedback to the pilot.


While the core mission of the V3 was performance flying, the Viper 4 is more suitable for dynamic and slalom competition flying, thanks to a higher top speed with more stability across the entire speed range. Furthermore, a totally new riser system has increased both speed range and refined control in accelerated flight. A new PK system is built into the risers, and a 2D steering system with an additional pulley to install custom steering modifications for competition slalom flying.


The V4 PK system connects the accelerator and trim system on the risers. This yields a higher top speed (greater range of acceleration) with the same amount of travel in the accelerator.


In the V4 2D steering system, the brake line and tip steering line (TST) are connected to the main brake handle. This system allows the pilot to isolate control of the wingtip (TST), or the center of the trailing edge, or both together.


The V4 Slalom steering system for competition flying was developed by Alex Mateos several years ago and has helped to make him one of the most successful PPG Slalom competition pilots in the history of the sport. We think this is the safest and most reliable slalom steering system available. Here is a video showing how to install this steering system.


During the development of the Sirocco and Spyder, we saw the advantages of lightweight materials in PPG wings. The V4 is designed with light weight fabric on the bottom surface. The lighter sail means increased overall performance, more agile and responsive handling, easy inflation, and effortless ground handling.


Overall, the V4 is a powerful tool for the most experienced PPG pilots who are looking to add competition results to their flying careers. Emilia, Alex, and the OZONE R&D Team thoroughly enjoyed the development of this new design, and we are confident that you will be impressed by all it delivers.


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