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Woody Valley GTO Light

Woody Valleyn uutuus GTO Light on kokonaan uusi kanoottivaljasmalli. Nämä valjaat ovat superkevytet ja pieneen tilaan pakkautuvat. Aerodynaamiseen takaosaan piiloutuu erittäin iso takatasku ja superkevyt (450g) selkäsuoja, joka on sertifioitu jopa 33G voimalle. 

Optiona saatavana myös mätsäävä reppu sekä concertina ”makkarapussi”. 
Videot kertoo enemmän kuin tuhat sanaa!
Features video:
Manual video:
Parachute installation video:

Assembling the leg cover and foot board video:
Alla yksityiskohtia englanniksi:
	Detachable instrument panel
	Front pocket suitable also for anti G
	Back protection homologated at 33G (size M weighs gr. 450)
	Additional standard back protection for the higher back, it is the same one already used for the HASKA2 and WANì2
	Spacious lower pocket suitable also for ballast sack
	Spacious back pocket with dedicated telescopic poles container
	Large side pockets
	Streamlined pocket for the radio or camera
	Pocket designed for camel bag
	Safe and functional pee tube
	Carabiners in different colours
	S.O.S. label
	Detachable leg cover with zip
	The seat board has been replaced by two fiberglass side battens, which reduce the overall weight and at the same time preserves comfort and stability
	Well-aired ergonomic back padding
	Adjustable straps and emergency whistle
	Telescopic poles pocket
	Pocket designed for camel bag
	Convenient pockets to hold all your accessories
	Transparent pocket for owner’s info and documents
	Clothing carrying elastic band
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    1 000,00 €Alehinta