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WV WANÍ LIGHT (kevyt reppuvaljas)

Wani light on Woody Valleyn vain 2,6kg painava repuksi ympärikäännettävä kevytvaljas! Vaikka paino onkin puristettu olemattomiin, se on todella mukava niin ilmassa kun reppuna selässäkin! Woody on tehnyt tässä varsinaisen taidonnäytteen keveyden ja mukavuuden sekä tietysti turvallisuuden yhdistelmänä! Wani lightissa on mm 20G kestävä Airbag selkäsuoja! Lisää ominaisuuksia näet kuvista ja linkistä alla!


Täältä valmistajan specsit ja lisää kuvia:


Todella hieno Wani light video:



Weighing just 2.6 kg, the simplicity and comfort during flight of WANì LIGHT will amaze you.

  • Exceptional comfort thanks to its rigid polypropylene seat and padded back which help distribute your weight over a wider surface
  • Very easy to handle during flight thanks to its strap system that, although with less adjustments to keep weight down, was inherited from its big brother Wanì which proved to be a good balance between easy handling and stability.
  • Safety without compromise thanks to its airbag, which has been shown through testing to offer excellent performance, and to the reserve parachute housing under the seat.


We managed to create a harness weighing just 2.6 kg that is complete with:

  • Rigid polypropylene seat
  • Built-in parachute container under the seat
  • Emergency handle with attached float bag
  • Harness bridle
  • Snap-hooks
  • Built-in transport rucksack
  • High performance airbag protection,
    thanks to the use of new construction materials and systems


Rucksack designed for guaranteed comfort even after hours of walking!

The reversibility system is the same as the Wanì, with a rucksack independent from the airbag enclosed in the rear containment pocket.


  • Its breathable padding on the back and on the shoulder-straps helps to make it comfortable for walking
  • Ergonomic shoulder-straps
  • Adjustable to meet your needs
  • Easy camel-bak installation
  • Convenient pockets to hold all your accessories
  • The space inside the rucksack has been especially designed to hold light flight equipment suitable for Hike & Fly
    650,00 €Hinta