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NOVA AONIC LIGHT on nimensä mukaisesti kevyt versio Aonic siivestä. Tämä siipi kuten siskonsakin on aloittelevan pilotin siipi, muttei mikään koulusiipi kuitenkaan. Aonic on ns. high EN-A. Se siis ulottuu käsiteltävyydeltään A-luokan yläpäähän. Tässä luokassa yhdistyy EN-B siiven dynamiikka A-luokan turvallisuudella! 


Tästä mahtava siipi turvalliseen Hike&Fly reissuun!


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AONIC Light - "A" High-Light

The AONIC Light is a genuine highlight for all aerial adventures. Whether ambitious beginner, hike & fly enthusiast or a relaxed cross-country pilot - the light version of the popular AONIC combines high performance and flying pleasure for all your flying needs. Toni Brügger proved the XC suitability of the AONIC with an FAI triangle of 247 km!



Versatile companion. A manoeuvrable and safe recreational wing, the AONIC Light impresses with its wide variety of uses. The AONIC Light is the perfect introduction to paragliding for anyone who would like a little agility right from the start. Advanced pilots benefit from the performance potential of the high-end EN A glider, which can even keep up with higher-rated gliders in cross-country flying. Pilots who switch from a higher class to the AONIC Light will be pleasantly surprised by its performance and handling.


EN A record. When they hear the words EN A, most pilots think of cumbersome training gliders with no cross-country potential. The AONIC Light is different - Swiss pilot Toni Brügger first flew an FAI triangle of 214 km in Ticino with the AONIC in March 2022 - a world record for EN A gliders! On the 10th of May 2022, he followed this up with 247.47 km from Riederalp and beat his own record. Toni says: “The AONIC is really nice when flying distance. It is very stable, with intuitive handling and it climbs really well. Especially in strong and turbulent conditions, it is a safe and effective cross-country glider that even a more experienced pilot will enjoy.”


Light in the air. The technically sophisticated all-rounder with 49 cells and an aspect ratio of 5.17 is wonderfully easy to fly and convinces with smart lightweight design. Thanks to the high quality of the lightweight cloth, you don't have to worry about the durability of your wing. The weight of only 3.4 kg (size XXS) makes it easier to climb mountains and improves take off and extreme flight behaviour. During inflation, the canopy rises reliably and the glider does not tend to overshoot. Due to its reduced mass, the wing does not tend to overshoot after a collapse. The high level of safety and the small pack size also make the AONIC Light the ideal companion when traveling.


Uncomplicated flying fun. The minimalist lineset design not only reduces drag in flight, but also makes it easier to sort the lines before launch. Relaxed pre-flight preparation is also made possible by the sheathed, colour-coded lines and the clear 12 mm wide Kevlar-reinforced risers. In the air, the AONIC Light lives up to its designation as a high-end EN A paraglider: agility, performance and high passive safety ensure a high fun factor. Ball-bearing speed-bar pulleys on the riser reduce the operating forces and underline the XC suitability of the AONIC Light.


Maintain the overview. For maximum manageability, the risers have a series of markings: to avoid attaching the harness incorrectly, the left and right risers are colour-coded, which is continued on the carabiners and main attachment points of our harnesses. For ease during pre-flight preparations, we follow the PMA recommended colour scheme for riser and line colours. To avoid confusion when initiating descent manoeuvres, the respective risers are labelled "Ears" and "B-Stall".


A safe choice. Because you should take your AONIC Light on every adventure in a completely relaxed way, NOVA offers you a range of practical services, such as: one-off protection against accidental damage thanks to NOVA Protect (valid in the first year after purchase and product registration) and a four-year warranty on the materials (after NOVA Trim Tuning and NOVA Full Service). Find out more about our comprehensive service package in the Service section and enjoy carefree flights.


The AONIC Light can be delivered with optional Student Risers and Adjustable Handles



Anyone who prefers less skinny risers, can alternatively order our renowned Student Risers. These are also found on, for example, our EN A PRION 5 and therefore are commonly used in flying schools. They feature wider webbing (20 mm instead of 12 mm) which make sorting them easier when ground handling and preparing for launch and they have the same markings as the regular AONIC risers. The Student Risers are always delivered with Adjustable Handles. These are innovative brake handles that can be individually adjusted to the pilot's hands and thus facilitate correct gripping. This design was created in co-operation with the DHV. The Adjustable Handles are also available separately or in combination with the standard risers of the AONIC Light.



Pilot target group

The AONIC Light (EN/LTF A) offers maximum speed, maneuverability and glide performance within the A class - without neglecting the high safety requirements of a paraglider suitable for instruction. In the context of instruction, the AONIC Light is suitable for student pilots with a good feel for the glider. For training, we recommend flying the AONIC Light in the middle of the weight range and experienced pilots can also take advantage of the upper part of the weight range.




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