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OZONE "makkara" normi 280cm

OZONE "makkara" normi 280cm

Helppoon siiven pakkaamiseen.


Kysy hinta erikseen uuden siiven yhteydessä!


"After careful research by our test team into the best way to pack your glider by the concertina method, we are pleased to offer you the Saucisse Pack. Designed to allow you to pack your leading edge mylar as flat as possible, as easily as possible, we believe the Saucisse pack will make your packing easier and quicker as well as help prolong the life of your glider. Saucisse? ...Sausage, Wurst, Chorizo, etc. The Saucisse fits gliders with a root chord of up to: 2.80m. For larger wings please use the 'Jumbo Saucisse'."


Tätä tuotetta on yleensä suoraan hyllyssä, mutta varmistathan kuitenkin saatavuuden.

    80,00 €Hinta
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