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Ozone F*Race niin kuin nimikin sanoo, ihan V*** *kevyt! :) 

Hike&Fly kisavaljas.



Lisätiedot Ozonen sivuilla:




The F*Race is an ultralite hike & fly competition harness. Designed for the Red Bull X-Alps, it is uncompromising in its lightness. At just 1.5kg total weight, with pod, cockpit, and back protection, this is the most competitive full-featured ultralight XC harness available today.


Aerodynamics & Performance

With a full cocoon, fairing, cockpit, and integrated ventral rescue container, the F*Race is slick and low-drag. The harness structure is comfortable and easy to configure, with two lumbar adjustments and excellent back support. A bucket seat design has been engineered using the F*Lite dyneema thread distribution pattern. Nitinol adds rigidity to and support to the upper torso area.



The F*Race features a passive inflatable protection, which is highly efficient. It achieved a 25G impact rating in all tests, well above the certification requirement. This inflatable protection covers the entire seat and back areas. The rear fairing not only provides aerodynamic performance, but also increases impact protection.


Storage & Features

Critical to any vol-biv effort is the capacity, ease of use, and comfort of the equipment storage option. With extensive input and testing by legendary vol-biv expert, Antoine Girard, the F*Race provides a large storage volume in addition to the excellent protection, meaning that you can have it all: Storage, Protection, Comfort, and Aerodynamics. Extensive pockets, including for in-flight use: A left side storage with safety clip anchors for gear, a pocket under the rescue container, a back hydration pocket with tube channel, functional instrument cockpit, and a second removable cockpit with large storage pocket.


Easy on Launch

The leg straps can be fully opened, with easy to use toggle buckles. Gearing up is simple, with all of the attachment points and adjustments easy to find. After a 1500m ascent, you want a simple and intuitive gear-up process.


X-Alps Tested, Adventure Refined

The final production F*Race is vastly improved over the X-Alps version. Within 50 grams of the original weight, the production version is more durable, far more comfortable (thanks to the new bucket seat design and nitinol structure), much better protection, incredible packability, and more.

    1 500,00 €Hinta
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