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OZONE FREERIDE 2 (Slalom&Fun,reflex)

OZONE FREERIDE 2 (Slalom&Fun,reflex)

Freeride 2 - täyttä tykitystä!


Tämä on Ozonen dynaamisin movasiipi, piste! Vaikket välttämättä aio osallistua slalom kilpailuihin, niin tällä siivellä ei tule tylsää. Freeride 2 on korkean suorituskyvyn siipi, joka asettuu Speedsterin ja Viper 5/XC:sen väliin. 


lisätiedot Ozonen sivuilta:


Ozone reflex siivet pähkinänkuoressa.

Roadster 3: Aloittelijalle / keskitason pilotille sopiva nopea reflexsiipi

Spyder 3: Roadsterin kevytversio

Speedster 3: Do-it-all, nopea, mutta myös hyvin ketterä, keskitason pilotille

Sirocco 3: Speedsterin kevytversio

Freeride 2:  Todella dynaaminen, kikkailusiipi, slalomsiipi, Ozonen ketterin.

ViperXC: Korkea performanssi nopea, todella dynaaminen, mutta hieman stabiilimpi

Viper 5: Korkea performanssi, nopea, todella dynaaminen -> kisasiipi



Number of cells56565656565656
Projected area (m2)10.911.812.613.514.416.117.8
Flat Area (m^2)12.813.814.815.816.818.820.8
Projected Span (m)6.686.947.197.437.668.18.52
Flat Span (m)8.398.719.029.329.6110.1710.7
Projected Aspect Ratio4.
Flat Aspect Ratio5.
Root Chord (m)1.9322.
Glider Weight (kg)3.43.593.813.934.164.454.82
In-flight Weight Range PG (kg)55-8055-8055-9055-9065-9575-10585-115
In-flight Weight Range PPG (kg)55-11055-11555-12055-13065-14075-15085-160

* Weights may vary up to 50gm per size due to slight variations in the manufacturing of the fabric used.


The Freeride 2 sits between the Viper and Speedster within the Ozone range. Designed specifically for slalom racing, it is the most agile and dynamic of all Ozone paramotor wings. It combines the speed, precision, and efficiency of the Viper along with the solidity, comfort, and ease of use of the Speedster. The mission of the Freeride 2 is to elevate excitement without compromising comfort and stability.


If you are a competitive high-level slalom pilot, the Freeride 2 Comp will be the best choice. If you search for a dynamic wing for carving aggressive lines, the Freeride 2 is a fun and efficient high-performance wing that delivers.




The Freeride 2 is suitable foradvanced pilots looking for a fast, efficient, and dynamic wing for low-level carving, freestyle, and fun flying. It is a step up from the Speedster but still easier to pilot than the Viper 5.


The dynamic flight characteristic, faster top speed, and more responsive, agile handling will appeal to the fun seeking experienced pilot.


The Freeride 2 is also available in a Competition version tuned specifically for top-level slalom racing pilots. Featuring unsheathed lines and more radical PK risers, it is possibly the most advanced tool for slalom racing.



The Freeride 2 retains the OZRP profile, which features shark nose openings and the highest levels of CM+ (reflex) within the Ozone range. A pure 4-line rigging design and a new internal structure have been employed to carefully control the angle of attack and increase the chord wise cohesion of the sail whilst accelerated. The overall effect is an increase in internal pressure throughout the speed range for a more forgiving behaviour in turbulence, greater resistance to spin at higher angles of attack and high levels of inherent stability at lower angles of attack. The efficiency of the sail has been further optimised with mini-ribs, 3D panel shaping, and finely tensioned plastic rods for a clean, wrinkle free leading edge.



The new style risers features a new colour coding to differentiate the risers, new maillon line keepers, magnetic-lock brake handle clips and new brake handles with twist-preventing swivels. As standard, there is an Ozone PK system built into the risers and an option to install either 2D or “Mateos” style Slalom Steering Systems.





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