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Nova Ion on vuodesta toiseen intermediate pilottien ehdoton suosikki! Ion sarjalla on lennetty enemmän ennätyksiä kuin millään muulla luokkansa siivellä. Ion 7 on loistava varjoliidin erittäin suurelle lentäjäryhmälle! Se sopii suoraan kurssilta, mutta on myös täydellinen siipi kokeneelle pilotille, joka arvostaa hauskuutta ja turvallisuutta sekä yleistä käytön helppoutta. 


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Lisätiedot Novan ION 7 sivuilta tästä:


ION 7 - Versatile by design

From local flying, XC to freestyle fun - everything is possible with the ION 7 (EN/LTF B). The reason for this great versatility combined with outstanding safety, is NOVA's new design software. Even before the practical tests, top speed and flight manoeuvres such as collapses can be simulated more accurately than ever before.


 Absolutely multi-talented. The ION 7 was developed using NOVA’s new design software, which was already successfully utilised for the creation of the XENON and the MENTOR 7 (Light). The result is a top-notch all-rounder that covers all aspects of paragliding with ease. Proof is the easy launch, efficient cross-country flying, fun during dynamic flight manoeuvres and an elegant flare on landing.



 Tried and tested meets innovation. The ION 7 uses tried and tested materials as well as a smart design. Our new Rod Loops mean fewer seams and from the moment of take off support the inflow of air (Air Scoop). With the Mid Cell Links, the stability of the leading edge is further optimised - which benefits performance, especially in accelerated flight.



 Safer than ever before. The latest version of our design software can simulate flight manoeuvres such as collapses extremely accurately. In the ION 7 we have achieved an unprecedented combination of stability and benign collapse behaviour - even during accelerated flight. These flight characteristics mean stress-free initial SIV manoeuvres. And it is worth striving to improve, because as we all know, you never stop learning. We hope you enjoy constantly refining your skills with the ION 7!



 XC at its best. In terms of design, the ION 7 is based on the MENTOR 7 (Light) cross-country wing. As essential flight characteristics, our team and test pilots emphasise the very high stability with exceptional top speed. So in this respect, the ION 7 offers what you usually only find in high-end EN B wings. In addition, there is very good glide performance, a user-friendly speed-bar and a thermalling sensation of "it takes all in its stride". Descent techniques such as big ears, B-line stall and spiral dive are also simple to perform. So nothing stands in the way of a safe and comfortable cross-country flight.



 Freestyle fun as you like it. Thanks to its direct handling and high stability, the ION 7 makes it easy to get started with acro manoeuvres. The SAT can be flown cleanly; wingovers are agile. The glider stalls uniformly along the span, and helicopters work well. The brake travel to the stall point is very long, making an unintentional stall extremely unlikely. With the ION 7, you can safely enter the world of acro and hone your skills.


Pilot target group


The ION 7 (EN/LTF B) is suitable for enthusiastic beginners as well as advanced pilots who value the versatility of their paraglider, and who enjoy improving their flying technique. From local soaring, XC to freestyle fun - anything is possible without sacrificing comfort and safety.

New Features


Optimised collapse behaviour. The ION 7 exhibits unprecedented gentleness when it comes to collapses. During asymmetric collapses, the glider turns only minimally, and there is little loss of height. We have achieved these properties through simulations in our new design software, which offers us new possibilities in development. This means we not only select the virtual prototypes with the highest performance, but also those with the best collapse behaviour from a large number of simulations. The result is the stable and safe flying feeling of the ION 7.


Performance through stability. If you look at the leading edge of the ION 7, you will notice the new Rod Loops and Mid Cell Links. The former save on seams and assist the Air Scoop, while the latter ensure a solid leading edge, especially in accelerated flight, and also serve to optimise internal pressure. Both are smart solutions that deliver performance.


Standard riser or XC Riser. The ION 7 / ION 7 Light is supplied as standard with a 12 mm narrow and sturdy Kevlar riser. In addition, the riser features Ronstan pulleys for less effort when pushing the speed-bar and Fidlock magnets for uncomplicated fixing of the brake handles. Pilots who want to fly even more efficiently with the speed-bar can optionally purchase the ION 7 XC Riser. This requires greater care during launch preparations, but allows for improved pitch control.

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