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Woody Valley RACE

Woody Valley RACE

Woody Valley RACE on uusi superkevyt kanootti Hike & Fly sekä XC lennoille.




Check the videos:


The RACE is a super light harness born from the evolution of the RACE PRO, which is the most "extreme" version used by Woody Valley athletes in the main hike & fly competitions.


We managed to come up with this product also thanks to the help of Aaron Durogati and several other pilots who have been flying this harness intensively and provided us with precious feedback and suggestions.


The RACE is suitable for hike & fly, bivouac and XC pilots.

Here are some of its features:

  • Weight starting from 1.77 kg
  • 4 sizes: S - M - L - XL
  • Available with 2 kinds of back protection:

      - New half-rigid protection concept
      - New inflable protection generation

  • New stabilizing system
  • Both get-up leg straps openable via buckles
  • Rescue container under the seat
  • Replaceable leg cover via zipper
  • Three-step speed bar included
  • Easy and intuitive adjustments with buckles
  • Cockpit with pockets
  • Numerous pockets available
  • Recco system



    1 600,00 €Hinta
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