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Sport 700 Carbon front wing

Sport 700 Carbon front wing

Sport 700

Carbon composite front wing

With a significantly reduced surface area and a ventilation resistant design, the Sport 700 front wing pushes the limits of speed, allowing you to reach thrilling velocities of up to 50 km/h. This wing's carbon construction ensures a lightweight yet robust structure, delivering the perfect balance of strength and agility to enhance your riding abilities.

The Sport 700 wing is produced with carbon composite materials, that make it very rigid and durable, yet lightweight. Its leading edge and tips are rounded for better safety in the event of a collision. The anhedral shape and custom profile section of the wing allow it to achieve higher speeds with uncompromised lateral stability. Riders will be able to carve when aiming to achieve sharper turns, yet keep a straight line effortlessly when striving for record speeds.


Projected area 700 sq. cm.

Foiling speed range 18-45 km/h

Mаterial Carbon composite

Best for Top speed and aggressive carving

    740,00 €Hinta
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